Global Research

Reputation Leaders specialize in global thought leadership studies that position our clients as leaders on important issues, shape brand strategy, and earn media headlines.

Global thought leadership driven by our research includes: Manpower “Closing the Skills Gap: What Workers Want”, Manpower Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision, Unisys Security Index, Unisys Cloud Success Barometer, Pampers Baby Development.

Doing multi-country, multi-stakeholder thought leadership of the highest quality requires scale, research science, and a deep understanding of cultural, language, and technological differences across markets. Our team have more than 20 years’ experience doing market research in 80 countries around the world.

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Research experience

We position our clients as leaders in their sector with global studies based on credible, reliable, and consistent research. Which is why our clients use our research for media and reputation.

  1. We work with the leading global fieldwork organizations and clients to recruit target audiences
  2. We conduct interviews and translate documents using native language speakers for accuracy
  3. We regularly update all baseline population demographics using the latest national census data
  4. We use samples large enough for statistical relevance and only report meaningful results
  5. Our reports link back to publicly used sources of information
  6. Using deep analytics, we rigorously compare answers across audiences, markets and studies
  7. We integrate primary and desk research, media analysis and expert interviews for a 360° view

Smart and quick

For clients who need insights now! we have a range of very quick turnaround survey polls among a nationally representative sample of the general population called RL QuickPoll™ (1-3 questions) or ThoughtBite™ (up to 10 questions) that we build, field, analyze and deliver in hours or days not weeks.

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