Our Values

Business must be a force for good in the world. At Reputation Leaders we not only believe this statement, but we act on this belief.

We encourage our staff to pursue their values based interests so that we as a company are doing good, and we pursue projects with organizations like The Purpose Collaborative and Concern Worldwide whose social purpose and care for humanity match our values.

Good enough is not good enough. We believe that you, the customer are important, not just your project. Therefore, whether it is a multi market, multi phase global study, or a quick poll of 200 people, Reputation Leaders is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work that is bespoke to you. Every project is worthy of the senior level experience and bespoke thinking that comes from world class, experienced senior council.

As a Christian businessman, Laurence Evans has built Reputation Leaders on Christian values such as fair pricing, honest and transparent reporting and because all people are created in God’s image, no discrimination on account of age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity or religious beliefs.