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You can hear more from Laurence on thought leadership in Bospar’s Thought Leadership Webinar with Reputation Leaders.
A lot of CEOs today they’re expected to say the right thing at the right time, the right occasion. There’s a tremendous pressure on that and that often they have a keynote and thought leadership is a key part about that. But Curtis is absolutely right and asking them what are you passionate about? OK, you have a certain level of expertise, you certainly level of knowledge. I know you sell this stuff. But actually, what she really cares about, and really good thought leadership combines both the credible content with the passion and that’s why I think conferences, webinars, getting back to this debate format, getting back to the conversation. Post COVID is really helpful for thought leadership because it’s bringing back the stories. It’s bringing back the human passion. It’s bringing back the element that brings it to life. Good thought leadership is only a platform for a great conversation. It’s never an end in itself.
At Reputation Leaders we use global-scale primary and secondary research, combined with great storytelling, to help companies create fresh, credible, influential thought leadership.  Our aim is to help you produce content which causes people to think about your brand positively and differently, giving you a leading voice and differentiated point of view in your industry.

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The business case to create your own Thought Leadership is compelling.

Infographic showing the high ROI that Thought Leadership delivers according to C-Suite research Thought leadership delivers a high ROI: According to the image, 97% of executives said that thought leadership delivers a moderate to high (10%+) business ROI. This suggests that thought leadership can be a valuable investment for businesses. Defines what you stand for and gives you a leading voice and differentiated point of view in your industry: Thought leadership can help you to position yourself as an expert in your industry and to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Generates multi-use brand content that can be used over time, across markets and across audiences: Thought leadership content can be used in a variety of ways, such as on your website, in social media posts, and in presentations. This can help you to get the most out of your investment. Builds brand awareness: Thought leadership content can help you to increase brand awareness among your target audience. According to the image, 87% of business executives consume thought leadership every week. Enhances reputation & credibility by creating content and opinion that is truly insight-led: Thought leadership content can help you to establish yourself as a credible source of information in your industry.

We can help you get it right.

Reputation Leaders can help you regardless of where you are on your Thought Leadership journey.  Whether you are new to it, or you already publish your own content, we are here to challenge your ideas and help you stay focused on what will make you stand out.

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Quality Research.

Original Insights.

Original Thought Leadership requires skill and effort to achieve.  Our recent research with top US executives on what they look for in excellent Thought Leadership Research revealed that there are clear do’s and don’ts  >>>

7 top tips for creating great thought leadership. Take your time at the start to prepare, plan, set objectives and get internal buy in. This means that you should not rush into creating thought leadership content. Instead, you should take the time to develop a plan that outlines your goals and how you will achieve them. You should also get buy-in from your team so that everyone is on the same page. Insist on high quality research so your outputs and insights are original and robust. This means that you should base your thought leadership content on solid research. This will help you to ensure that your ideas are original and well-supported. Help your audience to build their own personal brand with new perspectives and original ideas that challenge their thinking. Your thought leadership content should not just be about promoting your own products or services. It should also provide your audience with new ideas and perspectives that will help them to build their own personal brands. Pay attention to what competitors are saying so you have the context to add something new to the conversation. It is important to be aware of what your competitors are saying in the thought leadership space. This will help you to identify gaps in the conversation and develop content that adds something new. Focus on issues and trends - not your products. Your thought leadership content should focus on the broader issues and trends that are relevant to your industry. This will make your content more interesting and relevant to your audience. Keep it simple - the best thought leadership delivers complex ideas concisely. Your thought leadership content should be easy to understand and digest. Avoid using jargon and technical terms that your audience may not be familiar with. Make sure you own it and sell it - the success of your thought leadership is only as good as your activation. Once you have created your thought leadership content, you need to promote it effectively. This means sharing it on social media, speaking at industry events, and submitting it to relevant publications.

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Our Global Clients

We are the trusted research partner, and official approved supplier, to global brands developing powerful Thought Leadership at the leading edge of industry and innovation.

ManpowerGroup: Women in Leadership

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When ManpowerGroup wanted to push the conversation on women in leadership forward they partnered with Reputation Leaders to produce a piece of thought leadership that not only observed and reported on the disparity between men and women in business leadership, but also had clear prescriptive steps to take based on ManpowerGroup’s own journey toward gender parity. As well as hearing from business leaders across the globe, Reputation Leaders also helped ManpowerGroup leverage their own leaders, gaining insights internally to inform the final steps to parity.

97% of Millennials believe they will achieve gender parity but they are cautious – it will take them longer than 20 years.

“I had to develop a different mindset. It didn’t come easily but a lot of my senior managers are of different genders and generations. I had to learn to trust and look at outputs, not time on the phone or time spent talking to people. We have to be prepared to change.”
– Male Established Leader, ManpowerGroup, Europe

The report, Seven steps to conscious inclusion was revewed by Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO and Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup EVP at Davos 2016.

Picture of Mara Swan the ManpowerGroup EVP global strategy & talent quote: Leaders need to walk the talk - deliver on their commitments and do what they say they will do to get more women into leadership."

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