Thought Leadership

The business case to create your own is compelling.

 – 97% of executives say Thought Leadership returns a moderate to high (10%+) ROI

 – It defines what you stand for and gives you a leading voice and differentiated point of view in your industry

 – It generates multi-use brand content that can be used over time, across markets and across audiences

 – It builds brand awareness: 87% of Business Executives consume Thought Leadership every week

 – It enhances reputation & credibility by creating content and opinion that is truly insight-led

We can help you get it right.

Reputation Leaders causes people to think about your brand differently, by leading on issues that aligns brand value with social impact. We help companies create credible thought leadership using proprietary global primary and secondary research.
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Preliminary research
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Delivering findings
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Follow-up activities
We are the trusted research partner, and official approved supplier, to global brands developing powerful Thought Leadership at the leading edge of industry and innovation.

ManpowerGroup: Women in Leadership

When ManpowerGroup wanted to push the conversation on women in leadership forward they partnered with Reputation Leaders to produce a piece of thought leadership that not only observed and reported on the disparity between men and women in business leadership, but also had clear prescriptive steps to take based on ManpowerGroup’s own journey toward gender parity. As well as hearing from business leaders across the globe, Reputation Leaders also helped ManpowerGroup leverage their own leaders, gaining insights internally to inform the final steps to parity.

97% of Millennials believe they will achieve gender parity but they are cautious – it will take them longer than 20 years.

“I had to develop a different mindset. It didn’t come easily but a lot of my senior managers are of different genders and generations. I had to learn to trust and look at outputs, not time on the phone or time spent talking to people. We have to be prepared to change.”
– Male Established Leader, ManpowerGroup, Europe

The report, Seven steps to conscious inclusion was revewed by Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO and Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup EVP at Davos 2016.

City and Guilds: The economic benefits of vocational education

We used our proven process of thought leadership, to help City & Guilds enter the conversation on the economic benefits of vocational education with a compelling and credible point of view. Through research, expert engagement and a thorough understanding of City & Guilds’ objectives we provided a framework, allowing City & Guilds to establish their context, discover their opportunity, build their platform, engage the media and subsequently lead the conversation on vocational education’s economic benefits.

“We have really appreciated all of your support throughout this process – from start to finish, your consultancy, guidance and research expertise have been exactly what we needed and we hope to continue our work together in the future.”
– Christine Richardson, Group Communications & Content Manager at City & Guilds

Top Thought Leaders in Trust

Reputation Leaders is honored to receive a Multi-Year Award for Trust from Trust Across America – Trust Around the World 2019 for linking trust to reputation and business outcomes.