Growth Opportunities in Cloud-Enabled Innovation with Unisys

Digitally invested business are moving faster and smarter in 2023: essential traits in an increasingly uncertain economic climate.

Against a backdrop of fast-evolving global economic challenges, businesses under pressure to improve productivity and efficiency must also commit to the technological tools that could drive it.  Unisys commissioned Reputation Leaders to talk to industry leaders to find out the reality behind organizations’ adoption of a range of technologies – from Cloud and data analytics through to AI to automation.

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From Barriers to Breakthroughs: Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Cloud-Enabled Innovation

Niche targeting of IT specialist roles

To better understand organizations’ progress with digital transformation across technologies, we surveyed 2,264 business and technology leaders in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The sample includes 70% IT decision-makers and developers and 30% C-suite executives. All work for companies with at least $500 million in revenue ($250M+ in Australia and New Zealand) and that use cloud applications for their work.

The next wave of digital transformation

The study by Reputation Leaders revealed that to drive value, successful organizations must overcome challenges such as lack of strategic alignment, lack of governance, complex technological landscapes, skills gaps, incompatible operating models and heightened levels of risk. Investing in technology alone is not enough; successful long-term adoption requires full and thoughtful integration as well as careful management of technology’s role within an organization