Uncovering Trends on the Path to AI Maturity with LXT

87% of Companies Are Willing To Spend More For High Quality Data

LXT, an emerging leader in global AI training data, commissioned investigative research aimed at understanding the overall AI maturity of mid-to-large organizations located in the United States, along with AI investment levels, key business drivers for AI, the role of training data in AI projects and more. The study now runs as an annual tracker to explore year on year changes in AI knowledge and experience.

Annual Thought Leadership & Trend Tracker

In 2021, Reputation Leaders and LXT ran a survey of 200 senior decision-makers working for US organizations. Two-thirds of the respondents were of C-Suite level and all those who took part had verified AI experience.

In 2023, the sample size increased to 315 senior decision-makers. 46% of respondents were from the C-Suite and all those who took part had verified AI experience; only 25% of those who applied met the criteria required for participation, which included their level of AI knowledge and experience.


Results revealing increased levels of AI investment

An encouraging 80% of companies stating that they have developed a data strategy to support their AI initiatives.


Compelling, newsworthy content – positioning LXT as a thought leader 

Based on this research, Reputation Leaders helped LXT produce research reports, which attracted positive media attention. Having mentions on top-tier outlets like Forbes and Microsoft, LXT further established itself as a thought leader in the field.


Published: Engaging Reporting