Drowning in Data: Surviving the Data-Driven Decade with Hitachi Vantara

By 2025, data stored by large organizations will double, yet 2/3 of IT leaders are already overwhelmed

Commissioned by the Corporate Communications & PR team at Hitachi Vantara, we designed the Modern Data Infrastructure Dynamics Thought Leadership Report to act as a guide to the rapidly-changing landscape of data infrastructure for businesses, identifying the opportunities and challenges experienced by industry leaders as they strive to manage and scale their data infrastructure while maintaining visibility, access and, crucially, getting value from their data.



Drowning in Data: A Guide to Surviving the Data-Driven Decade Ahead

Quantifying the Value of Data to Business

Working with Hitachi Vantara we created a resource for their clients that would continue to position them as a leader in their field by quantifying the value of data to business (business/digital transformation) and measuring the frustrations of organizations who are deep in data but not able to harness its power.

Consulting Heads of Industry

A quantitative global study of 1,288 industry decision makers including senior IT & C-suite  leaders from companies with annual revenue above

$500M across 12 countries (U.S., Brazil, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Australia and New Zealand).