The Future of Cloud with Unisys Cloud Barometer

We created the Unisys Cloud Success Barometer report by surveying business leaders in 13 countries to highlight the gap between cloud expectations and realities, driving PR and marketing for Unisys.

Ownable thought leadership

Working with Unisys we investigated the topics that can be owned by one of the world’s leading technology solutions providers and which subjects are likely to have the biggest impact in today’s world

“You and your team were exceptional partners – from the questionnaire development through the analysis, materials development and all the briefing sessions. You consistently went above and beyond, and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Tony Buglione – Senior Manager, Communications

Beautifully presented

Working with leading designers all our data and findings are presented in media ready reports and publications that draw more attention to the wealth of wisdom contained in the report

Rigorous research

A quantitative global study of 13 countries, each using a sample of at least 1,000 nationally representative adults

Regionally relevant

Infographics tailored to different regions with relevant insights extends the reach of the report

“You and your team simply outperform. Your partnership has been key to our success”

Ann Sung Ruckstuhl – SVP & Chief Marketing Officer