Security Index for Unisys Thought Leadership

As a global research expert we worked with Unisys to provide a global security report for their annual security study, and unique reports for local country viewpoints
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Global and local impact

For the past 11 years Unisys has been tracking global security concerns, reporting both global trends, and local country insights.

By localizing the research to account for country specific and regional concerns, Unisys has established a reputation as a thought leader who sees the big picture, while being connected enough to understand and provide solutions in local situations.

Concern is increasing worldwide. Identity theft and Bankcard Fraud topping this year’s list of concerns. Consumers are suspicious of connected devices and government ability to provide data security.

A global audience

A quantitative global study of 13 countries, each using a sample of at least 1,000 nationally representative adults.

The 2018 Unisys report was released in all 13 participating countries with localized statistics, analysis, commentary and infographics. All this in localized languages.

The image is from the Unisys Security Index: Data security concern biggest barrier to consumers embracing digital identity-based services Financial Security (179): This bar has the highest score, which means US consumers have the greatest concern about financial security. Internet Security (176): This bar is the second highest, showing a high level of concern about internet security. Personal Security (174): The score for personal security is close to that of internet security. National Security (165): The bar for national security has the lowest score, but the concern level is still considered serious.

Media impact across the globe

The report was named in over 300 traditional news publications across the globe including Fox News, Yahoo, Business Insider, The Hill, Washington Times, Globo (BR), SunStar (PH), Comunicados (CO), HLN (BE) and WELT (DE).

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