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For three years ManpowerGroup and Reputation Leaders have worked together on the Skills Revolution report, proprietary thought leadership which creates a global platform
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Building an influence platform

ManpowerGroup has built their reputation as a thought leader which can influence global conversations at the highest levels, notably at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

The image is a pie chart titled “US Hispanic population by origin group, 2021” according to Pew Research Center. The pie chart divides the US Hispanic population into six origin groups: Mexican (61.5%) Central American (9.4%) Puerto Rican (3.2%) Cuban (2.7%) South American (6.1%) Other Hispanic (17.1%) The data shows that Mexican origin makes up the largest portion (61.5%) of the US Hispanic population in 2021. Here are some additional points to consider: The pie chart depicts a single point in time (2021), so the Hispanic population by origin group may have changed since then. The data source is Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank that studies issues concerning the public in the United States. The pie chart doesn't provide any information about the total size of the US Hispanic population.

Humans wanted

We analyzed over 19000 employer responses from 44 different countries to provide a critical viewpoint that reflects true business perspectives.

Over 1500 media mentions over the release period including Daily Mail, Business Insider, Yahoo.

the image is about the impact of digitization on human skills. Here's what the text in the image says: Digitization Human Skills Machine Learning New ways of working Automation AI VR Humans Robots Growth Wanted: Robot Needs You


Reputation Leaders has helped us produce world-class thought leadership on critical labor market issues, providing excellent insight and analysis as well as strong media angles. With their global survey and research capabilities, Reputation Leaders has been a key partner on several successful campaigns, including our Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision report and our Seven Steps to Conscious Inclusion research on women leaders. This firm punches far above its weight, and must be one of the best kept secrets in the corporate research space.
Ruth Harper
Global Strategic Communications