Thought Leadership for the Unisys Security Index 2020

As a thought leadership expert we worked with Unisys to provide a global security report for their annual security study, and unique reports for local country viewpoints.
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Global and local impact

For the past 14 years Unisys has been tracking global security concerns, reporting both global trends, and local country insights

By localizing the research to account for country specific and regional concerns, Unisys has established a reputation as a thought leader who sees the big picture, while being connected enough to understand and provide solutions in local situations

Concern remains at a historical high, and there are notable shifts in focus owing to the emergence of the COVID-19 global health crisis. Internet Security is now the lowest concern among consumers, after having been steadily on the rise since 2017 and finishing as the area of second-most concern in both 2018 and 2019.

Meanwhile, both National Security and Personal Security have moved up the agenda, driven by a rise in concerns about Personal Safety, and concern about Epidemics/Disasters.

The Unisys Security Index measures concerns of consumers on issues related to national, personal, financial and internet security around the world. 58% personal safety concerns have seen the largest increase 41% seriously concerned about a data breach while working remotely 62% are concerned by natural disasters such as pandemicst it” and it appears to be from FlexJobs, a website that helps people find remote and flexible jobs.

A global audience

In 2020, we conducted a quantitative global study of 15 countries, each using a sample of at least 1,000 nationally representative adults in each country.

The 2020 Unisys Security Index Global Report can be accessed at:


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