Social Purpose For Unilever Food Solutions

We partnered with salt communications to provide insights for Unilever Food Solutions to develop a social mission for fostering meaningful customer relationships.
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A social (isolation) mission

As part of their brand drive to ‘free chefs to love what they do’, Unilever Food Solutions looked to Reputation Leaders, in partnership with salt communications, to explore the emotional and attitudinal states chefs experience in daily work in order to understand the consequences of isolation, loneliness, work stress and strained relationships.

Using focus groups and depth interviews with Head Chefs and Sous Chefs across London, Shanghai and Sao Paulo, and employing a team of researchers, analysts and specialist Clinical Psychologists, our qualitative social mission research examined the key issues both affecting and being effected by isolation among chefs, looking deeper for emotional needs; and ways to engage with chefs to make them feel part of a wider community

Emotional insight

The research will be used to create hypotheses for UFS social mission (to be tested in quant) that builds chef loyalty and long-term relationships; gives meaning to the brand and creates a strong campaigning platform.

the image is showing three chefs in a kitchen are dressing plates


Seven days a week, we show up willing to get our asses kicked. We sign up for this in exchange for an opportunity to express ourselves through food. There’s no such thing as weekends or holidays.
Chris Hill
Chef, TV personality and writer