Brand Positioning For Prudential

Against a backdrop of ongoing reputational issues for the financial sector and an ever-changing competitive landscape, we guided Prudential through a brand review and re-positioning to help them communicate a unified corporate brand to their diverse global stakeholders.
Prudential Logo

Reputation drivers

As part of a broad stakeholder consultation we were able to understand the attributes which define reputation in the financial sector and compare Prudential Group’s own ratings against this.

Peer review

A comprehensive review of the way Prudential competitors’ were positioning themselves allowed us to understand the existing opportunities and ‘un-owned spaces’ within the competitive landscape.

Strengths vs weaknesses

An additional consultation of Prudential’s own stakeholders in the UK revealed a strong, but not invulnerable brand and a need to do more to secure the marketplace and reinforce the brand’s role in society and economies.

A long term view

We were able to help Prudential find their ‘sweet-spot’ at the intersection of their own existing brand strengths, competitor positioning and Prudential’s stakeholder priorities.


Our strategy continues to serve us well, focusing on three long-term opportunities across our geographic markets.
Mike Wells
Group Chief Executive