Thought Leadership for ManpowerGroup

As a trusted partner to the world’s workforce expert, together we have published studies which challenge perceived thinking on Millennials and women in the workplace

Asking big questions

What do Millennials want from their career now and in the future? How can individuals and organizations succeed in this new world of work?

What do our own employees and other global leaders see as the obstacles to closing the gender gap and what’s needed to overcome them? How do we move from talk to action?

Can we count on Millennials to be the answer? Is this the generation that really will make the difference?

The world’s future workforce

A quantitative global study of 19,000 working Millennials aged 20-34. and 1,500 hiring managers across 25 countries.

Media results

Over 5700 media mentions including Forbes, CNBC, Chicago Tribune, Daily Telegraph, Business Insider, India Times, Straits Times, Yahoo.


Reputation Leaders has helped us produce world-class thought leadership on critical labor market issues, providing excellent insight and analysis as well as strong media angles. With their global survey and research capabilities, Reputation Leaders has been a key partner on several successful campaigns, including our Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision report and our Seven Steps to Conscious Inclusion research on women leaders. This firm punches far above its weight, and must be one of the best kept secrets in the corporate research space.
Ruth Harper
Director, Global Strategic Communications