Brand Positioning and Messaging for a Leading US Yogurt Brand

We have helped a top Greek Yogurt brand in the U.S, to understand the impact of Health Care Professionals on patient/consumer behavior in trying Greek Yogurt and this brand in particular

Strategic message testing

We developed differing sets of questions designed to understand consumer responses to the messaging optimized for Healthcare Professionals.

Strategic testing allowed us to understand the extent to which recommendation from a Healthcare Practitioner has an impact on whether or not respondents would choose to include Greek Yogurt in their everyday lifestyle.

Return on influence model

By combining market size, reach and message influence data, we were able to ascertain the highest potential return on investment from any potential campaign which targeted Health Care Practitioners as a route to the patient/consumer.

The image is a diagram. The text in the diagram lists various factors that could influence this number, but it doesn't provide any specific percentages. Here's a breakdown of the text in the diagram: No. of relevant HCP in US: This likely refers to the number of relevant healthcare professionals in the United States. These could be doctors, dieticians, or other medical professionals who might recommend Greek yogurt to their patients. % : This percentage is left blank, so we don't know what portion of these healthcare professionals recommend Greek yogurt. No. of reachable HCPs in US: This refers to the number of healthcare professionals out of the total number who can be reached by the company to promote their Greek yogurt product. % : This percentage is also left blank. No. who will recommend: Again, this is left blank and refers to the number of reachable healthcare professionals who would actually recommend Greek yogurt. Patients per HCP: This refers to the average number of patients each healthcare professional sees per week. Patients seen per week in US: This is the total number of patients seen by all the healthcare professionals each week in the United States No. who would purchase Greek Yogurt based on recommendation: This isn't filled out, but it likely refers to the number of patients who would purchase Greek yogurt after a healthcare professional recommends it. No. who would purchase this brand based on recommendation: This is also blank and refers to the number of patients who would purchase the specific brand of Greek yogurt being advertised after a healthcare professional recommends it. Without the percentages filled in, it's impossible to say what percentage of people would buy Greek yogurt based on recommendations.