Social Purpose Brand Positioning for a Leading Yogurt Brand

We have worked with a top Greek Yogurt brand in the U.S, to reinforce their positioning as a socially responsible corporation by helping them to tell their story and align their corporate brand with the most relevant social purpose

Evidence based counsel

Our key question was this:

How does this brand’s social mission help the corporate brand?

Using in-depth stakeholder research we were able to better understand how to raise awareness of the company’s Foundation values, activities, messages, partners, and alignment with the corporate brand.

We helped this company gain business and reputational benefits by aligning their brand mission and social purpose across product, corporate and Foundation brands.

Designing a campaign based on key research outcomes:

What is our competitive ranking on CSR?
Which social issues do consumers care about?
The image is a bar graph that compares causes supported by female yogurt brand consumers. The left side of the graph lists causes while the right side shows the percentage of female yogurt brand consumers who support that cause. There is also a bar for frequent brand consumers, though it is not labeled with a specific gender. Here’s a breakdown of the data presented in the graph: Donating good food to worthwhile causes is the most popular cause among both female yogurt brand consumers (180%) and frequent brand consumers (85%). Supporting local communities is the second most popular cause among both female yogurt brand consumers (90%) and frequent brand consumers (90%). Supporting food kitchens or school meals is the third most popular cause among female yogurt brand consumers (83%) but less popular among frequent brand consumers (75%). Giving money to charity is more popular among frequent brand consumers (77%) than female yogurt brand consumers (70%). It’s important to note that the data for female yogurt brand consumers is much higher than 100%. This is likely because the graph shows the number of causes each consumer supports, rather than the percentage who support each individual cause. For example, a single consumer could support both donating good food and supporting local communities, which would be counted as 200% for that consumer.
What is our corporate reputation amongst external experts?
“This brand does what it says it is going to deliver”

External Expert – Nutritionist