Global Benchmarking for Evolution of CSR

Reputation Leaders are working with a Global Insurance, Health & Careers Group to develop an aligned and effective global CSR strategy, linked to their business and driving employee engagement and retention

Maximizing CSR impact

Our client’s CSR team are looking to support business strategy, maximize CSR impact with colleagues, and deliver more value to communities around the world, but within pre-existing budget constraints.

Reputation Leaders have designed a program of both qualitative and quantitative research which will evaluate and improve their existing processes and programs by making recommendations on:

Strategy and operational efficiency informed by best practice learnings from internal and external competitors

Programs/partners approach to enhance measurement and drive impact of existing programs

Internal and external visibility by helping to craft a unique value proposition and story that aligns with the purpose and mission of the organization and its operating companies

Picture of a man drawing a chart on glass

Extensive stakeholder consultation

Reputation Leaders will engage both internal and external stakeholders using a variety of research techniques.

One on one interviews with CSR team members at corporate and brand levels to understand how the corporate goals link to employee engagement, CSR activities and business outcomes.

Desk and media research to develop competitor and “best in class” benchmarking of CSR employee engagement

Internal focus groups with management to validate engagement drivers and outcomes

Telephone in depth interviews to understand client willingness to engage with partners and employees on community volunteerism.