Thought Leadership on Automation for ManpowerGroup

Utilising ManpowerGroup’s 2017 global employer survey, we curated their Skills Revolution 2.0 showcase report which saw a hugely successful launch at WEF Davos 2018. It supported their ‘Rethinking Leadership In The Digital Age’ platform and reaffirmed their position as a thought leader in their industry.
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Skills revolution 2.0

The purpose of ManpowerGroup’s report ‘Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions for the Skills Revolution’ was to understand the current and expected short-term impact of automation on businesses and jobs around the world and to understand what human skills will be most valued and how the workforce can upskill (at speed and scale) to meet these needs.

the image is a pie chart titled “The Global Impact of Digitization on Job Seekers”. Here’s a breakdown of the information in the chart: 66% of those surveyed believe that digitization will have “No Change” on employment. 20% believe digitization will lead to an “Increase” in jobs. 10% expect digitization to result in a “Decrease” in jobs and a reduction in their income. 4% said they “Don’t Know” what the impact of digitization will be. The text accompanying the pie chart further clarifies that most employers believe digitization will create more jobs, not fewer. They also acknowledge that some jobs will be lost to automation, but that new opportunities will be created. The key message seems to be that workers who have the skills needed for the digital economy will be most successful in the job market. So, the overall message of the pie chart is that digitization is likely to have a positive impact on job seekers, but that some workers will need to develop new skills to stay competitive.

Key findings and media impact

The Skills Revolution 2.0 report released at WEF Davos 2018 is a pathway for employers to understand how they can enable their current and potential workforce to upskill, re-train and convert adjacent skills to meet the needs of the rapidly changing employment landscape.

The insights crafted by Reputation Leaders in the report helped to amplify ManpowerGroup’s impact at Davos and provided a thought leadership platform from which they were able to engage and connect.

Robots Need Not Apply’ report was responsible for over 550 of media mentions during January 2018 alone, including 94 news articles and 439 tweets. Major international news outlets covered the release of the report and 340 unique twitter users with a combined 1.8 million followers also publicized the report.¹


With the right skills mix, people will augment rather than compete with technology. And as leaders, helping people upskill and future-proof themselves will be the defining challenge of our time. Identifying in-demand skills and providing access to employment will be the solution to the Skills Revolution.
Jonas Prising
Chairman and CEO