Using AI to Build a Career That AI Can’t Replace

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Using AI to Build a Career That AI Can’t Replace

How will AI change the future of work?

The news has been filled with headlines about possible future job losses due to AI entering the workplace. A Goldman Sachs report estimated that AI could globally expose “300 million full-time jobs to automation.” According to Business Insider, the jobs most affected include tech, media, and legal. One counter is that AI will not replace jobs but enhance productivity with human oversight still required to fix errors, give human judgment, and provide guidance. However, this can still result in reduced workers, particularly at the entry-level, as companies take advantage of increased efficiency to reduce running costs.
Even though AI contributes to many routine tasks becoming obsolete, historically, technology has often created new roles to replace those lost by its implementation. “Roughly 60% of employment in 2018 is found in job titles that did not exist in 1940.” according to a paper by economist David Autor. There is an opportunity, therefore, to lean into the AI revolution  and use AI to plot a new course.

Americans aren’t using AI to its full potential.

In our November 2023 Reputation Leaders Rep Pulse, we asked 1,000 Americans what was the last thing they used AI for. Of the 45% that have used an AI tool, only 3% used AI for planning and organizing. Its planning function is therefore currently underutilized.

How you can use AI to build an AI-proof career

Target job roles that AI is unlikely to displace. According to the US Career Institute, “Jobs at low risk of automation are ones that require human qualities that a robot cannot replicate, such as social skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal relationships.” Many jobs on the list also require adaptability, and understanding of nuance, or manual dexterity. Below is our guide for using AI to transition into an AI-proof career.

New roles and careers

AI can help you understand what role is right for you and then design a career plan to land that role.
Here are some ChatGPT prompts that could help you on your journey:
“Help me choose a career path that will future-proof me from AI automation.”
ChatGPT will outline roles immune to AI and factors to consider. Specific follow-up questions can help tailor your answer.
We told ChatGPT the following hypothetical follow-up prompt, “I am currently working as a programmer. Which of these roles would be easiest to transition to and have the best salary?” It gave us a list of roles, including AI and Machine Learning Specialist, Cybersecurity Expert, and Data Scientist.
We then asked ChatGPT to “build me a career plan to become a cybersecurity expert. Considering that I work full-time.” It gave us a step-by-step plan with a timeline, which we’ve visualized for you below.


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