Does Your Company Have a Green Skills Gap?

Image of a person making notes about a sustainability gameplan

Does Your Company Have a Green Skills Gap?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash. Edited by Reputation Leaders.

Everyone is talking about sustainability, but are companies equipped with the skills necessary to enact change? 70% of employers across the globe say they are planning on hiring “Green Talent,” but how many managers can define a “Green Skill”? Few can it turns out.

You know green skills are working when staff are:
  1. Aware of the environmental impact of what they do now.
  2. Committed to minimising negative impacts on the environment.
  3. Understand the consequences to the environment of any future changes they make.

This eco-intelligence embodies the real Green Skills that empower everyone to make a positive and sustainable difference.


Green Skills Example

Carl works in a data center – not exactly a green haven. But he’s aware of its high energy and water consumption and is committed to doing something about it. He measures water usage and explores recycling options. He understands that even recycled water can be more harmful, so he factors the environmental impact of treating the water into his decisions. Carl is a Green Technician because he brings green skills to his everyday job through his choices and decisions.


Green Skills are for Everyone

Imagine green architects designing eco-friendly buildings, green software engineers coding energy-efficient apps, or green mechanics fixing cars with sustainable parts. The possibilities are endless!


Key Takeaways:
  • Green skills aren’t just for the few. They’re practical tools for anyone in any job.
  • Awareness, commitment, and understanding of environmental impacts are the key Green Skills for eco-intelligence.
  • Investing in Green Skills is an investment in your people and your company’s future

To learn more, check out Manpower’s latest People-First Green Business Transformation Report. The research was conducted and analyzed by Reputation Leaders.