Revolutionize Your Learning: Embracing AI for Faster Growth

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Revolutionize Your Learning: Embracing AI for Faster Growth

Americans are underutilizing AI to fast-track their learning

In our November 2023 Reputation Leaders Rep Pulse, we asked American AI users what was the last thing they used AI for. “Doing things better” (21%) was top only after “Searching for information” (25%). Coupled with our finding that only half the American population (45%) have used an AI tool, only 9% of Americans last used AI to improve a process or get better at something. For those who want to get ahead of the curve, we’ve created the following how-to guide to use AI to upskill faster.


It’s about asking the right questions.

Many are daunted by what questions to ask AI, but AI can even help you ask better questions.

We asked ChatGPT 4, “What questions should I ask you if I want to get better at something?”

Click here for the 8 question types it recommended, and you can use to learn a skill faster.


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