Brand Positioning To Help Paypal

PayPal engaged Reputation Leaders to help them re-imagine a transaction-focused business and put people back at the centre of the equation. Our research helped Paypal to create proprietary content, context, explanation and vision for the launch of their ‘People Powered Economy’ initiative.
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Empowering people starts with knowing them

Our research highlighted the desires of everyday people in 15 countries to find easier and simpler ways to pay, sell and send their money around the world.

Findings showed both universal beliefs that transcend boundaries, and country-level differences.
Key differences in online shopping security, time wasting aggravations and mobile payment acceptance were notable across different nations.

This research highlighted the needs for safer, faster online payments. The cornerstones of the people powered economy.

A global view

15,105 adult banked consumers aged 18 to 64 were interviewed across 15 major markets, covering the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and the UK.

photo of a person holding a credit card and a cell phone in his hands.

Time, money and tech: PayPal study reveals global attitudes

As well as being used by PayPal to inform their People Powered Economy campaign, the results of the far-reaching research were quickly picked up by an international variety of media outlets. The PayPal press release can be found on the PayPal website.