Americans’ 2024 Concerns

An image of the Capitol Building and an American flag

Americans’ 2024 Concerns

Nearly half of Americans believe the 2024 presidential elections (48%) will be the biggest event that will affect Americans in 2024. That’s more than chose any and all the other issues combined.

No matter who wins, it’s likely young American’s will be disappointed. Only 6% of young Americans under 35 believe anyone 75 years or older should be leading America.

1 in 8 Americans overall believe people in their 70s should be leading America. Two-thirds (64%) believe they should be looking after grandchildren instead.

Read the full US Presidential Elections report for more details about the concerns Americans have about 2024, and the study Reputation Leaders ran with 1000 nationally representative Americans in October 2023.

An infographic showing that only 1 in 8 Americans say that a 75-year-old should be president