Americans Prioritize Social Responsibility in 2023

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Americans Prioritize Social Responsibility in 2023

To understand American’s views on ESG now, and looking ahead into 2024, Reputation Leaders conducted a 5-minute online survey November 2-8 2023 among a total of 1,007 American adults aged 18 and over.

The results are surprising. They reveal an increased focus on Social Responsibility, and concern over Governance and Regulations, with Environmental factors slipping to least important in the mind of US citizens.

The way that organizations treat their employees has as big an impact on the organizations’ reputation as how well their products perform, highlighting the weight American’s give to Social Responsibility in the marketplace.

A chart showing that when people think of ESG actions, 39% think of Social Responsibility actions

You can read the report and find more details here: ESG Priorities 2023.