Mendix 2020 – Software Developer Drought Index

An image titled “Mendix World 2.0: The Developer Drought” The text overlay on the image discusses a shortage of software developers, also known as a “developer drought”

Mendix 2020 – Software Developer Drought Index

Reputation Leaders helped Mendix, a Siemens company, to drive media awareness and software developer registrations for Mendix World 2.0, the largest low-code virtual event of the year.

Mendix engaged Reputation Leaders to find out where in the U.S. was the most significant gap between supply and demand for software developers.

Key Takeaways The tech-based industry managers and workforce, no longer confined to Silicon Valley or other traditional tech hubs, are now beginning to be untethered from any specific geography. The Developer Demand Index pinpoints leading opportunities for companies to leverage remote teams, cloud technology, and low-code software as a new powerhouse strategy for collaborative innovation.

Media reports highlighting our work include:

Rema Farhan, EM360tech “How rural areas in the USA are overtaking Silicon Valley in desirability.”

Veronica Combs in Developer  “10 surprising hot spots for software developer jobs in the U.S.

Alex Woodie, Datanami “The New Tech Hotspot Is…Tupelo, Mississippi?

Harness “State of Developer Satisfaction 2020”


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